Frequently Asked Questions

My club is not part of the SAFL. Can I still sign up?

Yes. We accept any club from any league. It just means that the links to the SAFL site won't be on your site.

Can I have a my own domain

Yes. All accounts on AmateurFootballClub are given a domain name in the format of yourclub.amateurfootballclub.co.uk. Depending on availability you can have yourclub.co.uk pointing to your web space.

I already have a domain name. Can I use that?

Yes. we can transfer your domain name to our servers. There is normally a small fee involved. It will take around 48 hours to become active.

Can I insert videos from YouTube?

Yes. Just copy and paste the embed code into any page

I have pictures on flickr. Can I used them?

Yes. Just copy and paste the embed code into any page

How Much Does it cost?

The cost is 50 per year. There is an initial £50 set up fee involved so year 1 will cost £100 and year 2 will cost £50 and so on.

Does the website have a league table management system?

Yes. We automatically update your club's position in it's league table as soon as the official tables on the SAFL website are updated. If you are not in the SAFL then we may still be able to come up with an automatic solution for you.

Do I need to know HTML?

No. This is a Content Management System. Updating the web pages is a piece of cake. You don't need any technical experience. However a little knowledge of HTML can go a long way.

Are web stats available?

Yes. Web stats are published within the admin area on a monthly basis.

Can I advertise my club's sponsor?

You can advertise and link to organisation.

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